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Welcome! last updated Oct 20, 2014

On this site you'll find information about permaculture, as well as who we are and what we're doing and learning on our permaculture journey. I use this website as a springboard for my thoughts and to record our actions. It's a lot like a journal and a bit like a blog...

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In 1988 we purchased 4.5 acres on a south facing hill overlooking the Bungala River, a small perennial creek flowing into Yankalilla Bay. Robin originally did a short Permaculture Course in Adelaide a few years before, but then completed his Permaculture Design Certificate once we'd finished building our house. Our aim was to develop this small rural holding according to permaculture principles and to work towards achieving a sustainable and simple lifestyle. The results have been mixed: while it's true to say the underlying structure is based on permaculture principles I still feel that we are a million miles away from living a sustainable permaculture lifestyle. And that makes me ponder - what is a permaculture lifestyle? Is there a typical permaculture lifestyle? What are the essentials?

What's New?

October 2014 ~ After a few years of neglect I'm finally back working on this site, using it to record our permaculture and gardening exploits! The property has changed considerably and I hope to update articles and pages over the coming months, including many photos to illustrate those changes. I'll be using this site to keep track of what we're doing plus enthuse us - and you! - with all our plans for the future!

In 2008 I started an on-line diary in conjunction with the Year Planner pages of this web site - well - it's back! Recording helps us set and work towards goals as well as evaluate what we're doing every day and if it is helping us head in the direction we want to travel. Back in 2008 our motto was"not only build the resort, live in it at the same time!" - well, the hot tub room was built and continues to be enjoyed but the resort lifestyle waned a little and everything became a little overwhelming due to declining health, births, deaths and marriages! Our focus is back onto permaculture and our motto is now 'sustainable lifestyle', as well as creating a fun, enjoyable and relaxing place for our children and their children to visit and stay.

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